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Our Story

Republic showcases an extensive cocktail menu devoted to a narrative of historical anecdotes originating from Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Italy. While the decade of the 60s was marked by cultural and social revolution, it saw the rise of style icons and the legends of rock music, as well as the international jet set, which led to a sophisticated era for cocktailing.

The Republic bar concept pays homage to this era where freedom, expression and individuality were celebrated, with a cocktail menu that showcases flavours, ingredients and sensations inspired by the influential hallmarks of the 1960s, and around four cultural epicentres of importance and meaningful change.

Featured Offers
  • Punch Brunch
    Punch Brunch
    Revel in a specially curated brunch experience at Republic with appetisers, a main course and dessert complemented with our signature punches and cocktails.
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    Vintage Spirits

    Our curated international selection is epoch of 60s celebrations distilled into bottles. Relive the era with authentic liquid history, imbibing on one of these drinks of choice during opulent parties.

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    Food Menu

    Executive Chef Massimo Pasquarelli takes inspiration from the social and cultural trends of the 1960s to present the Republic dining menu.

    Republic offers delicious cocktails, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Vintage Martini Cocktails
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Cocktail Inspiration

Republic presents flavours, ingredients and sensations inspired by the influential hallmarks of the 1960s - one of the most pivotal eras of the Twentieth Century. We celebrate four cultural epicentres of importance and meaningful change; represented by way of alluring cocktails. Enjoy the stories while you imbibe on liquid history.

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Delight in a slow boozy Sunday brunch with good friends and good food!
Comprising of a choice of appetisers, a main course and dessert, drink to your heart's content with complementing cocktails and signature punches served from a punch bowl trolley to complete the experience.
Join in the revelry every Sunday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.